About Me

Welcome to BeautyAnomaly.

A bit about me- I am Khadija. I go by BeautyAnomaly and have an insane love for skincare. I am 26 and currently in Mumbai. BeautyAnomaly represents what I feel towards the idea of beauty. Beauty for me is a rarity. An exception that we make to love ourselves, irrespective of what the anomalies society puts on us. I have never been good at writing about myself, but we all start somewhere. I have an itch always to try out new ingredients and brands. I mostly review products because I love putting my experiences into words.

I really look forward to building a like-minded community, wherein we can share our thoughts freely and at the same time help build each other. I hope you stick around for the long run.

I have an oily skin type that is prone to acne and redness. I have a warm undertone and Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place – 2W2 Rattan is my best foundation fit.